Paris - city of love, eldorado of art, or simply the magical capital of a wonderful country. Renowned for its savoir-vivre, chic and cuisine - Paris offers a myriad of delights to suit all tastes.

I love Paris for all these reasons, but above all because evidence of its history, literature and cinema can be found around every corner.

The Cité Fleurie at Montparnasse,  which has been home to artists like Modigliani, is still an artist‘s colony today.


Fine Art Prints from Paris                    Photographie: Sabine Wenkums

And Marcel Carné had to recreate the entire Boulevard du Crime to provide the setting for his film Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise) because the original no longer existed. However, the name of an Asiatic restaurant in the neighbourhood evokes memories of the film.

Fine Art Prints, Turner 310 grams, pigmented inks

30 x 40 cm, framed 50 x 60 cm

Cards with envelopes: 10,5 x 15 cm (2,95 €) and 15 x 20,5 cm (3,50 €), plus shipping. Minimum 5 Cards.

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Copyright: Sabine Wenkums, Munich